metrocon03I’ve never gone to a comic convention. Even when I loved to read comic books during the 80’s and early 90’s. Back then I was updated regularly with happening news in the comic industry by receiving the Diamond and Mile High catalogs through the mail… yes, from one country’s post office to another country’s post office! There were no websites or email back then. I am sure some of you out there still remember the excitement of waiting for mail.

Fast forward to now and everything is just on the internet. Once in awhile I’ll just read on the net about a convention here, there… somewhere… and later on seeing photographs of said events a few days later from someones blog.

Quite an eye opener as seeing comic conventions grow year after year into these huge media events.

So, tagging along with a friend off to the Metro Comic Convention we go. First time ever to attend such an event. Surprisingly there wasn’t a line to get in but had to get the PHP100 entrance ticket. Good thing we were there early in the afternoon where the crowd was still manageable. There were tables full of comic books, toys and games that brought back many a good old times.



With too much to see and buy we still stayed a few hours managing to keep the cash where it’s supposed to be-in our pockets. Saw this guy selling vintage Matchbox cars. These are the original made in England sort. The price tag of PHP300 (roughly USD6.00) was reasonable but since I don’t collect I’ll just let someone else have them.

At the end of shooting and looking we headed out the exit. After, of course, buying ourselves a few goodies. And finally my own post about a comic convention. Will be posting more photos in the coming days when I finish post processing the shots. Here’s a little teaser for the next post. Stay tuned!