More stuff from this past weekends Metro Comic Con. A lot of activities were going on all at once with a band on stage blaring out music to entertain attendees. But the gaming table was all about wires and concentration.


Below is Deadpool from Marvel Comics. Notice the awesome details.

I believe these statues were custom made by FBS- Fat Boy Studios here in Manila. Awesome stuff to see first hand. Head on over to their site (just click on the link) for a detailed look at their incredible work. These would probably cost an arm, both legs and an ear if you want one!

Apocalypse looking all mean and squinty eyed with Colossus and Juggernaut frolicking in the background.


And finally, a LTO/drivers license style mug shot of one of the best Jokers of all time. As portrayed by Jack Nicholson in Batman circa 1989. Again by Fat Boy Studios.