Update September 14, 2009– Canon Philippines, the G 11 will retail for P33,950 – official word from www.philstar.com

Photo from Canon USA

Image from Canon USA

Image from Akihabara News.

Image from Akihabara News

For me the G11 still looks like the G10 except for it’s swivel screen. I am still hoping for good results of it’s new low light high ISO images. Keeping those fingers crossed. In the meantime, head on over to Engadget for the initial hands on with more images of the new high end point and shoot.

Here is another hands on from Akihabara News. Theirs is more detailed with actual images from the G11 taken around the Japanese city. I liked the review-realistic. Proves that Canon will not make a point and shoot to replace their entry level DSLR line (1000D, 500D). If you want a superb little camera that takes great photos on the fly this is it. If you want to shoot HD video, get a lower end consumer point and shoot or video cam. If you want a larger sensor that takes billboard size photos then get the upcoming 60D or the ready and available 5D MK II. I have a G7 that’s 2 years old and still love it.

The question is: prosummer point and shoot or DSLR? For me it’s prosummer P&S for daily bring around while doing anything and DSLR for actual commissioned work.