It’s been confirmed that there will be an official press announcement at 9:00AM CET on September 1, 2009 (September 2, approximately 3:00PM for us in South East Asia) in Stockholm, Sweden, where Canon will announce their new DSLR/lens line up. Finally, all the speculation surrounding the 60D/7D will be put to rest.

Chinese poster. Way to go, again, Canon Rumors.

Chinese poster. Way to go, again, Canon Rumors.

My gut tells me that the 7D will turn out be a great cam for portrait and event shooters. Especially with the DUAL DIGIC 4 sensor and I’m really hoping that it will have better dynamic range with improved noise levels in low light. One very distinct advantage now will be the addition of HD video. Giving pros another creative option/addition to their event packages for clients.

However, the biggest improvement, will be the built in FLASH MASTER (FINALLY-don’t let this one be just a rumor!). I won’t have to plan a new flash purchase for a simple off cam lighting set up. I’m also glad this will be a 1.6 crop camera as not to compete directly with the full frame 5D MKII and EF-S users will not be short changed.

I will be containing my lust for the EOS 7D though, as I am sure there will be bugs. Fortunately, we’ll be seeing a bunch of reviews and images once the cams released. And everyone will be able to judge if it’s a must have or not. Have patience. Why wait? Well, good things come to those who do.

Here’s the post from Canon Rumors to whet the appetite. The source of the post is rated a CR3 which means it’s pretty reliable.

Canon EOS 7D
– Dual DIGIC 4
– Built in Flash Master (Goodbye ST-E2)
– Full HD Video
– APS-C (1.6 Crop)
– Non Articulating LCD

Updated Lens Info [CR2]
I’m still waiting on CR3 confirmation, so these are one step lower at CR2.

18-135 3.5-5.6 IS – I like this one for an all rounder. Time to sell the EFS 17-85.
15-85 f/3.5-5.6 IS USM– my guess is both these are EFS. Better if EF!

The macro still holds true.

No 70-200 f/2.8L IS update according to this source.

Update from Canon Rumors

EOS 7D Specs:

– dual digic 4
– 8 fps
– 19 af points
– ISO 100-6400 (L & H1 & H2)
– 63 metering zones
– 100% viewfinder
– Horizon Help Viewfinder
– 3″ VGA LCD
– FullHD Video

In USA: $1699 Body
In Canada: $1999 Body

Update on the upcoming lenses, as I’ve guessed they are EFS. Bad side, can’t use these on the full frame bodies. Good news, if they are as good as the EFS 10-22 or EFS 17-55 f2.8 then we’re set for another round of purchasing. Then again, they could just be the same as my kit, which I still have, the EFS 17-85. Or they could have the new hybrid IS =) Can’t wait now for the official word from Canon.

We'll I guess now the info is real. Image from Canon Rumors.

We'll I guess now the info is real. Image from Canon Rumors.