It was an accident during a sunny warm day. We were looking for a place to have lunch off the beaten path. Lost among the little hilly roads that had confusing road signs and not a soul around to ask for directions. There were nice cozy houses that lined the country road but they looked empty even if there was a car or two parked in the garage.

The place for superb and fresh vegetables. This is the future...

Green house row shot from inside the farm.

We drove on turning at corners that looked liked it would lead somewhere nice. All of a sudden we pass an open gate that had a long stretch of driveway leading into what seemed like rows and rows of green houses. And so we turned the car around, drove down this driveway half expecting to be told to leave the premises. But that wasn’t the case. A hired hand waved us into a rocky-pebbled parking area that exposed a little office that had beautiful vegetables all laid out for sale.

Our wives proceeded to pick and choose our wonderful loot for the weeks meal. I was going to shoot the loot when we got home but it was too late in the night and decided tomorrow morning would be better. Anyway, I get great sunlight coming through a window for a light source.

The treasures to be had!

Part of our loot shot at the store

When I got up the next morning I was stunned to see all the tomatoes: big red ripe ones, cherry tomatoes still on the stem were all picked off and stored in the fridge! Along with the beautiful capsicum and eggplant sitting in the chiller tray… ah, well… Next time I’ll be sure to get extra for my shoot if we can still find the place.