Woke up this morning and started on my routine. I got my nice warm cup of coffee (yes, warm, hot would just kill the taste of my black drink) and get going on the news. I check quite a few web sites just to get the blood flowing. One of my favorites, Time.com, has got an excellent photo essay section that I love to stare at. One page in particular got me amazed and laughing in no time.

In the digital age of photography post processing or editing images are an easy chore to most experienced photographers. All you need to do is turn on the Mac, hook up the pen tablet and open up an image editing software. Five to ten minutes is all it requires for simple post processing. A complex editing and composites chore would take a little over four hours, depending, of course, on how big the job.

QC Scape

A cityscape of Quezon City, Philippines, June 2008. I replaced the polluted, cloudy and grey skies with blue and fully white clouds from another image that I took. Original images were captured on my Canon G7 point and shoot.

Back in the days of film, this chore would have been pretty complicated and time consuming. Walk into the dark room, switch on the red lamp, choose several negatives and proceed to dodge, burn, copy, paste, etc. All manually achieved! Cut means getting a pair of scissors and snipping away versus just a few clicks on the mouse. Depending on the complexity of the chore it would probably eat up a few days. This is just for one photo.

According to http://www.time.com, here are the “Top 10 Doctored Photos“. Some of the images are obviously from the film era. It’s just amazing thinking how they manipulated photos back then. Check it out and enjoy. Especially that one with Oprah Winfrey.