Sensa White: Post processing/Layout/Composite Project

Model photography: Eric Teng, Post processing/layout: MPD

Model photography: Eric Teng, Post processing/layout: Mac Dy

Before starting this post processing/layout project, I wanted to make sure the whitening stuff really worked. The group of ladies whom I spoke to uses Sensa products and yes, it is proven to work. Do try it out. Sensa products are made in the Philippines and contains the best ingredients from around the world. Shameless plug, you say?! Don’t worry, Sensa Inc. did not put a gun to my head and no photographers or digital artist were harmed in the writing of this post.

“Sensa White is scientifically formulated with vitamins and natural ingredients that whitens, moisturizes and cares for your skin. It contains absolutely no hydroquinone, mercury or lead. Sensa White has been clinically tested on 60 Asian women to effectively and safely whiten skin in just 7 days*.
The ad in one of the local gossip magazines.

The ad in one of the local gossip magazines.

AHA fruits acids gently exfoliates dead skin cells and stimulates growth of new skin.
Vitamin B3 nourishes as it whitens your skin from within.
Licorice natural plant extract safely and effectively whitens skin.
Sensa White is hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested, and formulated with sunscreen so you can reveal a whiter and more radiant you in just 7 days*.” –Sensa White

The most difficult part of the composite was going through my stock photos for the various elements. Lucky that I have my camera with me often and really doesn’t hurt to capture an interesting scene. One draw back though is getting bug eyed at sorting through thousands of images to get the needed few.

Initial concept came about by standing out on the balcony staring at our polluted Metro Manila skies with black as dirt coffee in hand. Yes, the coffee is essential. Somehow, the coffee mixed with inhaling various poisonous pollutants in our air does wonders bringing about the necessary creative spurt.

Model photography: Eric Teng, Post processing/layout: MPD

Final layout used for magazine ads.

Gathering all the elements in one folder on the desktop I rushed to open Photoshop to do a rough. Then, blah, blah, blah… I’ll save you all from dozing off and fast forward to the finishing stages of the composite.

Once the major elements were in place (the moon, the tree background) I then gingerly placed Ms. King unto the composition. I wanted a light and relaxed feel so an airbrushed sort of twilight sky went to match the moon with clouds lifting Ms. King as the fairest of all.

Then the logos and products were placed for a pleasing and balanced composition. I also had to re-shoot the latter to match colors and lighting of the layout. The last layers that went on were the various catch phrases to complete the ad.

The 2 short paragraphs above took about a week to complete. With another few days for color tweaks and moving around various elements to check different compositions.

Finally, all parties involved agreed on the image above right.