Oplan 1: September 27, 2009, Baranka, Marikina

Typhoon Ondoy + 1 day.

A group of private citizens organized themselves and went on a shopping spree at a supermarket in Quezon City. Hording basic essential food stuffs like powdered milk, bottled water and canned goods. Unfortunately, check out lanes were backed up and a few hours were spent inching towards the register.

The group braved the crowds and brought the supplies to their HQ for repacking. Each plastic bag were filled with as much essentials as possible. Hoping that people who receive them would be at least be satisfied for part of a day.

That same night, off they went to Marikina in their own private vehicles stuffed with relief goods. Navigating through severely flooded streets in a city without electricity they finally arrived at their destination.

This group is not part of any government lighting response program(took the government awhile to respond, actually). Part of the groups of people responsible for helping starving and homeless Ondoy victims are just your regular neighborly bunch. Asked friends and relatives to donate in kind or cash and they did all the leg work.

Marikina, as of October 8, 2009, is still in a state of flood (stagnant water) and disarray. Still many of it’s inhabitants in makeshift shelters and sustenance from relief goods. I honestly don’t think life will return to normal anytime soon. Optimistically, I’d say first quarter of 2010, maybe.

A grim holiday season for many in and around Metro Manila for 2009.

Do click on the gallery for a larger view. Just in case you are wondering, the photos were captured with a Canon G10.

My fair share of photographs from the catastrophic weekend~ Week-Ender#8, Tropical Storm Ondoy and The Aftermath.