Oplan 2: October 1, 2009, Tumana and Rodriguez (Montalban)

The same folks who organized and implemented Oplan 1 also made this charity event possible. Barangay Tumana is part of Marikina City and one of the places that were hardest hit by flood waters from Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana).

Rodriguez (formerly Montalban), Rizal province (To pay tribute to its first mayor, former Senator Eulogio Rodriguez, the name of the municipality was formally changed from Montalban to Rodriguez by virtue of Batas Pambansa Blg. 275, passed in September 1982.) is located on the slopes of the Sierra Madre Mountain Range where much of the uncontrolled logging takes place-illegal or otherwise. My guess, one the reason for the tragic flooding in many low lying areas.

Click on the gallery photos for a larger view. All photographs courtesy of Teng Paulino, 2009 and captured on the trusty photo-journalistic friendly Canon G10.

More photos from the catastrophic weekend~ Week-Ender#8, Tropical Storm Ondoy and The Aftermath.

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