Every morning before even getting up from the soft comfortable sheets there is a yearning to feel her warmth and aroma gently waking up the senses. A desire that routinely needing satisfaction without even the slightest after thought.

Loyalty to a first love is a necessity providing a consistent routine but no one is immune to the Capital Vices. Trying very hard never to stray there will just be that one instance (okay, maybe a few) when sexy details catches the eye. Trying even harder not to approach the beauty all decked out in intricate designer wear.

Japanese canned coffee

Japanese canned coffee

To not judge a book by it’s cover is overrated. Many times over marketing geniuses have proven that point. That fine day was one of those. It seemed like the mass produced tin cans of coffee beckoned so hard to be taken home for a one night stand. There was obviously no choice but to surrender to the lust and greed. And to the cash register they all went.

Canned, to warmed in winter and chilled in the summer.

Canned, to warm in winter and chill in the summer.

Grinding beans as needed for a fresh brew is still the best and easiest way to make a good cup of coffee. Adding sugar will only add another layer of taste that will mask it’s true flavors. And cream is no substitute for stale beans and badly brewed coffee. It is best taken during the morning when the palette still hasn’t been polluted by meals.

In fast paced modern Asian cities these canned wonders are a welcome sight. A very convenient way to warm ones spirit in the thick of winter (put in warmers for a real coffee experience) or a great picker upper iced coffee in the summer heat. Always available in a vending machine or at a local 7-11 and usually for just a fraction of a meal.

Here in Manila, these canned coffee drinks cost more than your average meal and are hard to come by-good quality ones anyway. Mostly just available in niche market stores. Yes, it is very disappointing, Manila is not a fast paced modern Asian city. There are not many modern Asian cultures that take a 15 minute siesta break every working afternoon. And that is one advantage that Manila has (for enjoying coffee and not much else).

The portafilter, the stainless tamper and espresso cup is for another story...

The portafilter, the stainless tamper and espresso cup is for another story...

At least, these cans do not have (ones I bought) the flavored coffee sold by that star bucking fast food chain so widely revered by our Western pop culture loving minds. And if it came down to canned or the fast food chain no doubt the brainless tin would win me over.

Succumbing to Venial sins and buying all that mixed up coffee in beautifully designed cans has not changed my stand on coffee. It was just a momentary satisfaction of a momentary urge. Still the best coffee is jet black with just the right warmth unadorned by modern processed condiments.