Happy Halloween What The Duck style

Aaron Johnson

Here is my excuse for not writing my own content this Halloween. Have a great Old Souls Day long weekend, folks. Don’t let the traffic bog you down.

WTD595 No Brainer

“WTD595 No Brainer”- Especially after a long day shooting…

WTD75_0 Underexposed

“WTD75_0 Underexposed”- If this hasn’t happened to you then you ain’t a photographer! Never be late to a shoot and you will always remember to take the cap off. I am in the habit of being an hour early-just to be safe.

WTD74 HorrERR Show

“WTD74 HorrERR Show”- totally cracked me up. If you are a Canon shooter you are in the loop.

When the ERR 99 message first appeared on the barely 2 month old 50D LCD I got a cold sweat and almost swallowed my tongue. The camera froze up and it could not be turned off even if the switch was in the off position (eek!). This was during a commissioned birthday event shoot. Thank goodness the camera was back to normal after a session of taking out and putting in the battery. Only after the software update did it this nightmare go away.

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