Memories fade, clothes degrade, cakes eaten, drinks drunk…

Celebrating a special birthday, an anniversary or a significant period in your life? Preserving memories with photographs is the perfect way to show off your important event for many decades to come.

I’ve put together 2 packages that are worth much more in coins and giving it to you for just a fraction of the cost. For those of you that want to book for 2010 and you have a Preserving Moments post card-  these 2 very special packages are especially for you (click here).

Just to give you an idea of what I shoot.

Please call, text or email for any pencil booking or questions@ 868 8069


YoCard post cards for free and all you need to do is find their stands at over 190 various locations in Metro Manila to pick one up. Hurry, the Preserving Moments/ Mac Photography Dy post cards have a very limited print run.

Thank you goes out to the beautiful people of YoCard for distribution of the post card, designed by yours truly.

Much appreciation (I owe you one!) to the printing genius behind Jotech Corp. for the use of excellent card stock and a beautiful reproduction from the digital file. They manufacture biodegradable food safe containers. Send me an email if you need more information.