When I lived on street level, as opposed to high rise condominium, I could not fully appreciate the beauty of a sunset.

Now that I’ve been living in a high rise for a few years the view of a sun setting is amazing. Even if the sun sets on the same spot on the horizon everyday the ambiance, clouds and colors are always unique to each day. The outcome of the days view mainly depends on weather conditions.

One disadvantage of living in a condo building is not having a grass lawn or backyard for the kids. Then again, how would one really define back yard?

Below are some views from my called back porch…


EXIF: Oct 16,2009 17:28:29 1/40 f8 ISO 100. Captured after heavy raining during a humid afternoon.


EXIF: Oct 19, 2009 17:43:06 1/13 f20 ISO 200. The weather was a chance of light rain and rain it did. Without clouds the sun would not have a place to reflect colors


EXIF: Oct 21, 2009 17:49:19 1/25 f3.5 ISO 400. It rained that whole afternoon. The actual sunset was ordinarily hazy and grey but when the sun disappeared it cast a red war paint glow.


EXIF: Oct 29, 2009 19:03:17 1/60 f4.0 ISO 200. The autonomous region of cupcake el strawberry. Light and creamy icing with a moist center-when ingested it produced a hallucination of sunset proportions.