WTD675-MARCH 26,2009

Whattya know… it’s Friday the 13th. I really don’t believe in the bad luck associated with the superstition. But just in case, the DSLR and lenses will be stored in a cool, dry place safely away from any prying paws.

A bit busy processing a few thousand photos and did not realize the week has just zipped past to Friday. I will leave you with some WTD from March 26, 27 & 28, 2009. Enjoy and do have a nice chuckle or two. I’ve also included a WTD link on the left there-just scroll all the way to the middle section of the widgets.

I should get back to work. Regular programming resumes, hopefully, by next week. Have a great start on the weekend!

WTD676-MARCH 27, 2009

WTD268_0-MARCH 28, 2009