Two of the best in their respective fields have teamed together to bring a highly sought after but quite intangible camera to life.

16 November 2009: Leica Camera AG has today announced a very special limited edition of its classic 35mm rangefinder system camera: the LEICA M7 Edition ‘Hermès’. As the successor to the ‘LEICA MP Edition Hermès’ launched in 2003, this is the second series of cameras created in co-operation with Hermès, the Paris-based company renowned throughout the world for its exclusive products.

To complement the design of the camera, the special Leica M7 Edition Hermès set includes a silver anodised Leica Summilux-M 35 mm f/1.4 ASPH. wide-angle lens, a matching classic round lens hood in silver anodised metal – manufactured specifically for these models – and a Leicavit M rapid winder in silver chrome. A real leather carrying strap, handcrafted by Atelier Hermès to match the colour of each camera, provides the finishing touch. Each set is delivered in a linen-covered, silk-lined box. -for the price the box should be bomb proof!

This M7 has the same spec list as the standard model. But it does come in 2 wonderful colors: the patented Hermés orange and “etoupe”(sic). It being a FILM camera is a good enough excuse just in case the funds will be used to purchase a new family car or many years of college or simply just living on the funds for a year.

A camera that many will want but never have due to it's silly price tag

Obviously, this version of the M7 is marketed towards the fashion forward, jet set, bank account is over flowing with money kind of consumer. This photographer wouldn’t mind having one even when there is a 2 to 3 day wait for developing negatives. Then again, a nasty annulment on the marriage will follow. Imagine shelling out a whopping £8,550 or Php668,493.00 for a limited edition Leica just to have bragging rights not just for the moment but for the rest of your now annulled life with child support.

Surely there will be those who will suffer a great emotional and psychological stress resulting from the purchase. I will be setting up a support group for those out there about to take the plunge on the super limited edition Leica MP Edition Hermés-some statements claim only 100 units will be produced. (Hurry! Must get one!)

Good day and good luck. For some reason, right this second, the wife and the kids seem more important… Could it be that lusting after this sexy retro cam is a much better deal than actually having it in the palm of your hands? Anyway, that’s my excuse.