Punta Fuego beach club

The early morning started out with perfect sunny weather. We had left Manila for a 4 hour drive to Nasugbu, Batangas.

Punta Fuego, a flame shaped peninsula at the very tip of Nasugbu is where an exclusive beach club is located with the same name. We didn’t have a membership but did get away with a day pass.


Waves crashing-a storm on the horizon

Sand was grey in color with dead corals strewn about and water was pleasingly warm. There was supposed to be a storm heading for us as forecast by the weather bureau. Which would explain the strong waves crashing onto the beach. Never the less, I unpacked the camera and snapped on the EF-S 10-22mm ultra wide angle lens. Which I used for most of the photos you see here.


A nice day to be had until...

Looking back on that April day, it went pretty well until it started to drizzle around 4 o’clock in the afternoon. And it didn’t go away. The raining got heavier and heavier until the horizon was blocked from view by a hazy wall of rain fall.


...until this awesome storm appeared and all hell broke loose.

Only leaving the Punta Fuego beach club by 6pm. After lugging the bags and my camera gear on 4 separate trips up the hilly trail to the trunk of the car. Of course, with an umbrella in one hand. There was still a down pour but it had been reduced to a drizzle with pea sized droplets. Gotta run! I am half out the door for another shoot…