The fireworks display on new years eve in Manila is a sight in itself. An hour or two before midnight, half the households in the city are showing off their own purchase.

Shooting on a tripod starts way before the new years eve countdown. Wait too long and the sky is filled with smoke

One of my favorite photos is the one all the way on the bottom. I was on the very edge of a building and one exploded very very… very near. And just in time I hit the shutter while I started to turn my back to the powder igniting the space in front of the lens. So close that I felt a plastic cap from a cardboard tube that contains explosive powder hit my back. Good thing no equipment or persons were damaged.

Stay tuned for Part 2.

MacDyNE_0006 new years eve 2009

MacDyNE_0003 new years eve 2009

MacDyNE_0003 new years eve 2009

MacDyNE_0001 new years eve 2009

MacDyNev_0006 new years eve 2009