I’m Angus- A Medium Rare to Medium Experience

A few months ago, a few friends and I went to try out a steak house on a long overdue dinner date. Not just steak at any restaurant but a big chunk of meat that’s the crown jewel on the menu.


Simple interior with quality furnishing to set the mind and palette for the meal.

I had an event the next day so the camera, lens and stuff were packed for the shoot had to stay safely at home. Hoping that my friend brought along his Canon G10-good thing he did. Now, we can get down to documenting the vein clotting goodness in the form of a medium done-ness worth 400 grams of ‘Certified Angus Beef Prime Steaks’ rib eye. The quality of the meat is so good that Angus had the catch phrase trademarked.


Home made butter-as creamy as you can get and the crab cake appetizer.

Oh, it was an experience. Can’t say that for many restaurants that serve steaks -where medium means well done and well done means nuked to dine with a chainsaw.

One very important advice before you go, bring a credit card along that’s not maxed out. Now, please do enjoy the photos from the G10.


Finally, the Angus Prime Rib cooked to medium perfection.


Just checking if it was really medium. Can't have top quality steak any other way.


A small portion of dessert and a shot of grappa to help settle the meal.