The circle shows where the chimping LCD is located

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Canon has added 2 new patents for DSLR technology. Someone was persistent enough to have dug it up.

The first one is a dual image viewfinder. An LCD located near the viewfinder for easy chimping. (Chimps-photographers who check the LCD every time a shot is taken)

Once this is added onto the new bodies your eye no longer have to leave the viewfinder. But, not every Canon patent makes it to the final product. Much talk of this already around the web and instead of looking at the chimp LCD in a negative sense, in my opinion, this would make it good for photographers who want to review a crucial shot. Without leaving the viewfinder the photographer would then be able to continue shooting after a quick scan of the photo. Hopefully, without even taking the finger off the half pressed shutter.

There is a draw back, the bright LCD inside the viewfinder will screw up night vision during events. If only an on/off switch is hidden somewhere in the customizable menu, I am sold.


In camera sensor image stabilization, it's about time.

With higher mega pixels on new Canon’s, like the 50D and 7D, better quality lenses are needed to translate sensor technology into a tangible photograph. While many L quality and prime lenses do not have IS-image stabilizer technology, many shots are scrapped due to human error. Mostly, motion blur.

It is high time for Canon to add IS to the new bodies but again, not all patents make it unto new models. First, it will make the bodies much more expensive. Corporations do not give anything out for free. Would this feature negate the IS in lenses?

Sony is putting IS into their bodies so why shouldn’t Canon.

If you got more time on your hands than I do, US Patent no. 20100002109 and 20100003025 for your reading pleasure.

Stay tuned for more. On February 8 or 9 Canon will make an announcement so cross those fingers. The latter patent sparks my interest more.