Here is a little more depth of field into the EOS 60D: Where Does It Stand?. Hope you enjoy the post.


The Canon EOS 60D was just announced. This update does not exactly fit into the EOS 40D/50D line up. It is now geared towards the hobbyist than a likely pro-summer camera. Gone is the metal body and it is now a smaller form factor than the EOS 50D. But for the first time in the history of Canon DSLR it has a swivel LCD screen-albeit a more convenient way for shooting video or low angles. I’m pretty sure there must be a few swivel screen bashing going on in some forum. IMO, this isn’t a bad addition-your neck and back will thank you.

Canon USA 60d_586x186

The new EOS 60D has inherited the 7D 18 MP sensor and the integrated speedlite transmitter for off the hot shoe flash photography. This feature in itself will save you from purchasing the Canon ST-E2 wireless transmitter that cost around US$200. Buy an external flash instead. The rest of the features are just bells and whistle to entice.

So, should you buy the EOS 550D, 60D or 7D? My answer in 3 points:

  • EOS 550D USD799- casual shoot, family, friends, pets, etc. and for uploading to social sites when all you need is a max resolution of 1024 x 740. Have no plans on investing on lenses.
  • EOS 60D US$1099- hobbyist and are still learning. Getting to the more serious side of photography and you understand the triumvirate of photography like the back of your hand.
  • EOS 7D US$1699- this is a bit on the pricy side and if you are not making money off your photos then better stick with the two above and invest in good lenses instead. Remember-it’s not really the body but the glass. Lenses are an investment and camera bodies are disposables.


It’s incredible how much views this post is getting. Just to be fair to all you folks I will do my own assessment of the 60D’s release.

It will most probably be in August of O ten. Just to give more sales to the 7D for folks who need to upgrade from 40/50D bodies. I don’t think the 60D will be a great improvement over the current 50D except for a few changes. My gut tells me a DIGIC V sensor will get introduced by this time along with a new auto focus ala 7D. With the same fps of 6.3 and possibility new batteries and grip.

It is only logical that the 60D will be for those who get sick and tired of the EOS 500/550D.  Take note, a dial on the rear of the body and info display screen on top makes a very big difference for serious shooters. Making a step from a xxxD to a xxD line makes a world of difference-handling, body seals, etc.

Should you wait for the 60D or jump on the 7D wagon? If you can spare an extra US$300-400 price difference, why not? But if you are just looking to upgrade from an older cam then wait for it. A 7D is classified as more of a pro level cam and it’s got way to much features for a casual shooter to fully utilize. Understanding a camera inside and out makes better photos than a pro body.

I use a 40/50D combo for pro shoots and it is more than efficient for any project that comes my way. I will be getting a 7D once my actuation setting shows 50k. After all, yesterday, it read 4318 and it’s already hit 9999 twice. That means my 50 is at 34,318 actuation. Roughly 15k more and just as well, the 7D will have a price drop by then. =)

Countless times, people tell me that my 50D does make better quality photos because of the high mp count. Best to agree with that but the lens makes a very big difference. It’s best to just go with an affordable body and try to save up for good glass-EF-S17-55 f/2.8, EF-S10-22 f/3.5-4.5, EF17-40 f/4L, EF 24-105 f/4L, EF 24-70 f/2.8L and most notably the Sigma 10-20 f/4-5.6.

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Invite from Pocket Lint via Canon Rumors

There were speculations about an announcement date of February 4th on new Canon DSLRs. Since it’s already the 5th here in South East Asia without any word we will all just have to wait for the 9th as was originally posted on Northlight. Or the 8th with this new invite popping up over at Pocket Lint then Canon Rumors for the BAFTA Awards in London.

All this news on the 60D has gotten my hands all itchy for the official press release. It will be very interesting to see what Canon will put into their once flagship APS-C (1.6x) model.



Canon will be making an official statement on February 9 about two new DSLR’s and a few point and shoots. It’s a little less than a week before the release and rumors are everywhere on the net.

The 550D/600D and, crossing those fingers, the 60D are on the table. Both are APS-C (1.6 crop) and will definitely be at the 15-18 megapixel range with video capabilities. It just hasn’t been confirmed whether video will be HD capable. Quite possibly the new in body Image Stabilizer will make it’s introduction in the 60D with an electronic leveler like the 7D.

Maybe a few new EF-S lenses to go along with the new bodies.

No leaked photos of the new cameras as of this posting but I will be doing a more extensive search later. Maybe the Chinese sites have something- like the leaked Jackie Chan image for the 7D ad in Hong Kong/China.

Canon 550D/600D (Rebel)

  • Release date April 2010
  • Upgraded 15.1 mega pixels
  • New shape and build quality-similar build to 50D but much smaller
  • New battery LP-E8
  • New battery grip
  • New LCD with higher resolution-maybe even OLED =)
  • Probably no articulating LCD screen
  • 720p video/selectable FPS
  • $799.00 (approx. PHP38,000)

Canon 60D

  • Release date May 2010-false
  • CMOS 18 mega pixels (maybe DIGIC V)
  • 6.3 fps-false
  • Electronic Level like 7D
  • Metal body like 50D-false
  • New battery / battery grip
  • In body Image Stabilizer?!?-false
  • Master flash controller?!?
  • Articulating screen (I doubt)-true!
  • HD video with 24 and 36 FPS
  • $1,190.00 (approx. PHP56,000)

Strapping down for February 9… however, the above spec lists are really only the Canon rumor mill churning out excitement before the official press release.