It’s best to shoot a landscape at sunrise or sunset for the beautiful color gradients that emanate from the sky. That morning nothing was planned. It was just an occasional coffee breakfast out on the veranda

It was 6:30 am and the sky had a beautiful blue glow. The hazy car fumes from morning commute had not yet set in. Although it would be clearer hadn’t it be for the pollution from rush hour the day before.

While sipping coffee and enjoying the clear skies I thought it quite strange the moon was just hanging around. Obviously the moon needed some due attention with the DSLR and tripod.

MacMoon_0168s-Morning Moon

According to the exif data, this morning moon was caught smiling at 7:29am (By the way, that is the near side of the moon. The far side would not have the upside down smile to it.) Coffee got cold while composition, focus and shoot took up a good 20 minutes. But nothing could be better than to start off another work week with the surprise of a moon smiling like that in the morning skies.