Summer is just around the corner. The question has always been, ‘what point and shoot should I buy?’

And it’s a good question with so many point and shoot cameras in the market today. Often a G series comes to mind like the 2009 released G11. But sometimes the G11 just isn’t very practical when a situation calls for a good fuss free camera while on vacation.

I had the pleasure of having lunch with a friend and his brand new Canon S90 a few weeks ago. The little p&s impressed me with it’s minimalist metal black body and beautiful photos at 10 mega-pixels.

The S90 has 2 main dials on top. The shutter button that sits on the zoom dial making it convenient to operate with an index finger and the mode dial making it easy to switch from one mode to the next with the thumb. Of course there is the on/off switch that’s soft to the touch.


Without the bulk and extra buttons, the S90 is about a third of the G11’s size and weight. It’s perfect for carrying around in a pocket or in a bag and ready to shoot with a push of the on/off button.

For everyone who just wants good photos without fiddling with this little gem there’s the P mode (Program) for an easy photo session. I tried using the S90 with one hand and it was just turn on, point and shoot! At a very attractive PHP19-21,000 (depends where you buy) the S90 is great value for the moolah.

For the advanced photog the S90 comes complete with full manual (M) function complimenting Aperture (AV) priority and Shutter (TV) priority. RAW file capture is also a plus here as you might want to have more control post processing photos in the supplied DPP software.


My only real draw back to this little minimalist p&s is that it is a bit too small for my hands-I do have big furry paws.

Going to the beach this summer, you say?! Set yourself apart by getting the waterproof casing and shoot in the water. It should cost you less than PHP12,000 for Canon brand. Or opt for the Korean made waterproof zip lock style case for less than PHP3,000 which is what I use for my G7.  Just make sure to test on a running tap for a leak before actually dunking it in the ocean.

Have fun this summer, travel light and take fun photos with the Canon S90, fast becoming the G11 junior. After all, on a vacation travel light and be fuss free.

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