In our worsening power situation-who would have thought the government-according to the rumor mill-knew that the Philippines would have a power supply shortage a mere three years ago and did nothing about it. Hmmmm, who was the secretary at the time responsible for this? Now, everyone realizes that we do need nuclear or other modern ways of producing juice to power up all the gadgets and gears we depend on every single day.


Just think, China knew it needed electrical power to become super power in the world and they built hydro electric plants. The Philippine goverment saw to it that in order to slide down the pole of progress it neglected to adddress the power problem. With the looming presidential election would it make a difference?

I think not but I am hoping like there is no tomorrow that the new president will make a difference for our childrens sake. So what does this have to do with the green labled tuna can? Nothing much but it could curb a hungry stomach or two.

No big deal, right? These are just canned tuna normally found at the supermarket. Well, right and wrong. Right, they are the Century Tuna brand that we use so often in sandwiches, pasta, etc. Except these are in a special green label that contain yellow fin tuna slices-not the regular tuna flakes that are available at the friendly supermarket.



Read the label. These canned goodness are not for sale. Apparently they were given away by Century Tuna to their clients and/or suppliers. In turn, one of those, gave me a few cans. I thank you and the one can I’ve just consumed was heavenly.

The yellow fin slices were smooth and silky almost melting in your mouth. If these ever made it to retail, they would probably fetch PHP200 (approx. USD5.00) a pop. To think the regular ones at the supermarket are only PHP50 or so.

Stock up on ready to eat canned goods. Once the power problem worsens we’ll all be in the thick of it. Even canned tuna won’t be immune to electrical outtage-unless the factories have their own electrical supply.

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