Mt. Pinatubo: Part 1 just in case you missed it.

After the lengthy comfort room brake our guide signals us for the start of the trek. As the sign states, 20 minutes for senior citizens but it took our group of 10 around 40 minutes to get to the crater lake (aged 30-37). The time frame just isn’t so accurate unless you’ve got a military grade hummer to use. Or the senior citizen they used to time the trek was Richard Simmons on LSD.

Mac_3441 Mt Pinatubo

Mac_3453s Pinatubo

Beautiful and scenic, the trek up was full of lush foliage with streams of cold fresh water albeit form the crater lake. Need to be careful navigating the trek through streams and rocks. A twisted ankle will not help anyone. The most important gear to have here are good comfortable shoes and does not have to be waterproof as wading through the streams were a very refreshing break.

Mac_3448s Mt Pinatubo

Mac_3456ex Pinatubo

Upon reaching the crater lake, the blue water that sits stagnant (only to be replenished by rain water with a man made hole on the side of the volcano wall draining excessive water) will take your breath away.

Mac_3467 Mt Pinatubo

We had clear blue skies before starting the climb down to the lake itself-Helped of course, by man made rock stair way about 3 or 4 stories high.

Mac_3474x Mt Pinatubo

Once the clouds pretty much covered the sun, the water turned a greenish tint instead of the beautiful light blue. (Left photo-cloud covered. Right photo-arriving clouds)

Mac_3477s Pinatubo

Mac_3482x Mt Pinatubo

Do bring a change of clothes to comfortably experience a swim in a sulfur enriched lake. Just don’t dunk your head in the water as sulfur makes disaster on the hair. Those boats on the foreground are for rent to get you to the other side of the lake. I will get into that in Part 3.

Next up in the Mt. Pinatubo series PART 3-photographs from the crater lake-where I unpacked the rest of the gear and went to work.