There are 2 kinds of spam in my life. One, the canned pink-ish mystery meat secretly loved by many and two, the electronic kind circulating throughout the world wide web known as spam email.

I’ll bet my left middle finger y’all know which one i dislike and hope the people who compose and send them get tarred, feathered and burned at the neighborhood square.

In this day and age there are still idiots who send out emails on winning lottery, needing your password or email account will be deleted, help-to withdraw gazillion dollars left dormant in an account in Zimbabwe or Uranus or maybe Atlantis, etc.

Spam is better in a can

If all these emails were true I'd be a millionare a million times over.

I have even received mail disguised as your long lost buddy who is lost in London and been robbed and needing your help so please send your life savings to their account. There’s an account but no money and somehow living in a hotel-nice one.

Then again, there are still those who patronize these idiots and actually give them every information requested. Think about it-how can you win a lottery worth a small country when you didn’t even join in the first place?!?!?!! Just common sense folks.


Idiots galore here and they just don't stop. Week after week...

Please do be careful and don’t be so gullible with emails that persuade you for user names and passwords. Legitimate sites will certainly not ask for your user name and password through an amateurish looking email. Always, you’ll be asked to access account through a link and be routed to a secure page for your account info.

Just do this-once you see an email from a strange name like the ones listed above just hit delete. If a relative in a far away land needs help I’m quite certain a telephone call will be much preferred. For the record, I’ve never been scammed by these lovely and convincing emails and I do love my pink-ish meat in a can with eggs.


This ones my fave-vintage looking spam mail before the time of HTML.