CANON EVIL (Electronic Viewfinder, Interchangeable Lenses)

This just in-via Canon Rumors via Amateur Photographer

Monday 22nd March 2010
Chris Cheesman
Canon is ‘proceeding with the development’ of a mirror-less interchangeable lens camera to compete against models launched by Panasonic, Olympus and Samsung, a senior Canon DSLR official is reported to have told the Japanese press.

Japanese trade journal Pen News Weekly quotes an article published in Photo Trade Express in which an unnamed ‘Canon officer’ is reported as saying: ‘Ratio of mirror-less models in the domestic market is estimated at about 15% in quantity. In Europe it takes about 5% though it varies from nation to nation and the American market is apparently indifferent to the mirror-less system.’

The Canon representative, who is said to be ‘in charge of DSLR’, adds: ‘Attitude in Asian markets also varies from nation to nation… If the system spreads, Japan will pioneer it, followed by Europe, North America and Asia. While the trend is still to be seen, we will be ready to cope with it, should the demand get steady.’

A spokesman for Canon Europe declined to comment, telling us that the firm does not comment on ‘future developments’.

Current micro four thirds trend is pushing Canon into producing the EVIL system. Just yesterday at the event I covered there were a few Olympus EP1 running around shooting kids.

I would love to get my hands on an EP1. But I would not like to spend a small fortune on another system of lenses and accessories.

An EVIL from Canon would be most welcome. DSLR for pro shoots and EVIL for everything else. As long as it can interchange with current EF/EFS lenses and be able to sync with the current flash system.

I have a feeling if this new system goes into production it will eventually replace the G series (which I love and use regularly).