bcnsigcoffeeA great snack while on the job shooting. I wouldn’t really know though since I still don’t have time to go out and try the Pull Apart Baked Creations. Must assume they will be great in supplying your blood stream with more than sufficient sugar and caffeine for that undying attention to photographic perfection.

From the Krispy Kreme email: “Bite into the freshly baked goodness of the Kruffins– an American style hand made muffin, filled with rich and delicious fruits, nuts or chocolate… It’s a muffin with a hole! Varieties include Double Chocolate, Apple Streussel, Blueberry and Classic Kruffin; and the Pull-Aparts – A North Carolina original. Hand-rolled balls of dough, pulled apart and laid to form a doughnut like sweet bread, filled with sweet or savory varieties and baked fresh to a melt in-your-mouth experience. Sweet and savory varieties include Cheese, Bacon & Cheese, Sausage & Cheese and Cinnamon.

And if you can’t decide whether you’re savory or sweet, be sure to try both to find out!”

Finding the doughnuts too sweet, this photographer/blogger does not indulge in regular doses of KK.