Found these stickers through Canon Rumors.

I have never been fond of stickers on my Mac but once, just this once, I will make an exception. At least now, a large part of my classic white iBook G4 will be clean.

Put in your order through Suzie Automatic on She’s got a few Canon dials, a Nikon and even a Leica(not pictured) I hope I don’t screw up the sticking part of the process…

The decal is easily applied if you follow the instructions we send along. We also send you a practice decal to get your confidence up.
This decal is about 5.5″ x 5.5″ and is made with matte black and green. Just like on the camera.
They come off if you really want it off and leave no stickiness behind. The vinyl is rugged and will last 6 years outside, but your computer probably won’t.