Some very interesting UNOFFICIAL tid bit from Canon Rumors. The wide angle f/4L IS lens seems very interesting… gotta run half my body is already out the door. Enjoy the news.

About time someone spoke up
A CR regular has piped up about the massive announcement of new gear coming from Canon.

I’m told to expect 2 separate announcements, one for the prosumer market and one for the pro market.

Announcement 1

* 60D Type of camera, it could be called something else.
* The EF-S 60mm Macro will receive IS.
* There is a “murmur” that a new 70-300 type of lens could also be announced.
* This will be the first announcement.

Announcement 2

* The 1Ds Mark IV will be announced
* EF 24-70 f/2.8L IS will be announced
* A new f/4 wide angle with IS
* A new L prime, unknown as to which will get replaced. The 35mm isn’t a guarantee.
* A new Flash
* New accessories
* This will be the 2nd announcement and the big news for Photokina

The source says amendments could be made over the next few weeks, so keep checking back.