MacAnHe_002z 101Taipei 101 at night is an amazing sight to behold. It was the tallest building (509.2 meters) in the world until The Burj Khalifa in Dubai topped at 800 meters tall.

Taipei weather is very unpredictable and on this night it cooperated.

Shot details: Canon 50D, 8 sec, f/5.6, 42mm, ISO 100, RAW.

Raw processed in DPP, slightly tonemapped from 16 bit TIFF file in Photomatix, further post processed in Photoshop, final uploaded photo is an 8bit JPG file at 1024 x 632 resolution.

This ones definitely going to the large format printers next week. At 350 dpi and 18×24″ I hope it comes out the way it’s seen here. Or it’s going to be an expensive test print…