This just in, the Canon 550D Jackie Chan Limited Edition for die hard fans of the action star. Could this be the exciting news Canon is waiting to announce in Asia?

Limited to only 2010 sets, better hurry if you want one, I am sure in the Chinese speaking world there are already lines forming outside of Canon dealerships. The set includes a 550D with a Jackie Chan dragon logo on the flash hood, a special Jackie strap, a special Jackie camera soft case and a special Jackie photo album. All this for a specially nice 10,000.00 Yuan (that’s mainland China currency) approximately PHP70,000.

If you wouldn’t mind living without the Jackie accessories then getting the body and EF-S 18-135mm kit lens would save a lot of heartache. A more detailed description of the launch and photos are at mydrivers.com

Source: http://news.mydrivers.com/

S11552804 http://news.mydrivers.com

S11542078 http://news.mydrivers.com

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