MacDy_4176Shooting a view through airplane windows is quite easy. All you need is a point and shoot and remember to always turn the flash off. I’ve seen too many flashes go off when folks try to shoot and wonder what went wrong.

On the right top photo was taken without flash and focused on the plane outside the window. Looks to be just like any other shot. Flash here would have exposed the person sitting next to the window but totally over exposed the window thereby just giving off a white space where the view is.

The best thing to do (bottom photo), is stick the camera lens all the way on the plastic window. Compose the shot and press half way on the shutter to focus. Remember, turn off flash, and just shoot away. The white part on the bottom of the photo is the reflection of a part of the window frame.

Reflection makes for a better photo, in my opinion, it hints at an airplane plastic window and still gives a magnificent view.