Who says nothing is free?!

EOS 7D AF ThumbnailI’ve just stumbled upon some Canon quick guides by photographer Gordon Lewis. According to his blog post date of May 26, 2010 the guides are still hot off the press.

The guides are in .pdf brochure format and once printed just fold ’em up and stick it in the gear bag. Very very handy when your brain is trying to figure out how to turn on the master function on the 580EX II and the specific button to push just is not registering. I say eat more peanuts to boost memory but these guides will do just as well.

Available guides for:

  • EOS 7D Autofocus Modes
  • EOS DSLR Video Recording
  • Speedlite 580EX II: Modes and Functions
  • DPP (v 3.8.x) Workflow
  • Canon TC 80N3 Timer/Remote Controller.

I haven’t downloaded any yet but you should. Just hit the link.

Download the .pdf cheat sheets for free from Canon USA.