Draft Info Steel 25_p18_p19Late in 2009 an architectural trade magazine (Infosteel, Belgium) expressed interest with my Basilica Minore de San Sebastian (Quiapo, Manila) series Lego Church on flickr. Email exchanges later, Infosteel Magazine issue 25 goes to press with 3 of my San Sebastian Photos.

On the top right is the rough layout of the pages. Infosteel magazine was nice enough to email me the 2 pages before even receiving the final photos in TIFF format.

paint by numbers2009I am very happy that across the globe another country has taken interest in the San Sebastian. The Neo Gothic styled interior is truly a site to behold. It is the only church in the Philippines and Asia that is constructed of steel and have survived numerous earthquakes throughout a century. San Sebastian was finally declared a Unesco World Heritage Site in 2006.

Not only was the church shipped steel part by steel part from Belgium on steam boats in 1888 it was reputed to be designed by Gustave Eiffel of Eiffel Tower fame. This has been confirmed by Architect IM Pei’s visit to Manila in the 1970’s backed up by a published report (still doing research about this report).

Top right and bottom are the 3 original photographs of Basilica Minore de San Sebastian originally posted on flickr in 2008 and used in the article, ‘Patrimonium_Patrimoine: De ‘stalen basiliek’ van Manilla is 120 jaar / La basilique ‘tout acier’ de Manille a 120 ans’ in 2009. I believe part of that title is in French and loosely translated to ‘The Basilica ‘all steel’ of Manila is 120 years’. I’m sure some of you reading this can better translate to English. Please put it in the comment box. TIA.

san sebastian int.diptych

Below are the photographs of the magazines I received in February of 2010 through snail mail.