A team of photographers captures Discoverys long journey to the launch pad.


Discovery enters the Vehicle Assembly Building. (Scott Andrews/ Stan Jirman/ Philip Scott Andrews

A month or so ago an amazing video made it’s way around the net which has repeatedly been viewed on this browser.

A team (headed by Scott Andrews, a photographer and technical advisor to Canon who has shot every shuttle launch but two, and Stan Jirman, a software engineer for Apple.) made a time lapse of the space shuttle’s commute to the launch pad using the various HDSLRs including the 5D MK II. The movie consisted of about tens of thousands of still photos and more than 100 hours of shooting to give us a 4 minute movie.

I’d like to post it here for those of you still have not seen it. WordPress.com does not allow the video format to be embedded-or I haven’t found out how. Just click on the link below and be taken on an amazing journey-to say the least.

via Space Shuttle: The Time-Lapse Movie.