A friend rummaged through old boxes of stuff looking for other old stuff. Came across a yellowed envelope that was quite possibly white many many years ago. Upon checking the contents of the envelope President Ferdinand Marcos stared at him from a shiny little coin.

This rare gold coin commemorated the 3rd anniversary of Bagong Lipunan (new society) in the Philippines in 1975. The obverse (front of coin) is President Ferdinand Marcos with date stamp of Setyembere (September) 21, 1972 date of which the Bagong Lipunan was established. The reverse of the coin has the Republic of the Philippines seal and a whopping 1000 piso (peso) denomination. According to philmoney.blogspot this coin has a mintage of 13,000, is 27 mm in diameter, weights 9.95 grams and is made of .900 fine gold.


The Ferdinand Marcos Gold Coin from 1975

Initial facts were all from the original receipt proving that it was bought from the Central Bank of the Philippines at a huge sum of Php1,950. At that time cost of bread, eggs, coffee, etc. were in the cents denomination.

As can be seen the coin is still mint condition sealed inside the original plastic sleeve. It is stamped with Bayer.Hauptmünzam on the lower front part. The general assumption is that the name refers to the company in Germany that minted the coin. So, how much is the Marcos gold coin worth now? Haven’t a clue. There aren’t many sources around the net except for 2, of one is mentioned above.

Looking through someone else junk can sometimes yield a bit of treasure. But without demand for this treasure it could just be another piece of history with 1975 air still trapped inside the sleeve. If you have more information about this coin please email me. Thanks in advance.

All shiny coin photos shot with a Canon EOS 50D + EF 24-70 f/2.8L with Speedlite 580EX II as fill flash.


The back of the coin


Top half of the receipt with Php1,950 paid.


Lower part of the reciept with hand written October 1, 1976 as purchase date


Original plastic sleeve with Bayer.Hauptmünzamt stamp