A relative just came back from the World Expo in Shanghai and told me about a white Canon concept camera. She said that it was all white and looked like you couldn’t detach lens from body. Too bad no photos were allowed at that exhibit.

For two weeks I searched and came up with nothing. Then finally last night from Gizmag: Canon Wonder Camera Concept displayed at Expo 2010. Looks like it could have a hair dryer and shampoo dispenser in there as well.


And here is a video from Gizmag that shows a bit of the Canon Wonder Camera concept along with other stuff from the Shanghai Expo.

As I spent the entire presentation handholding a video camera with image stabilization technology, and struggled to keep it steady enough from my distant vantage point at long focal lengths – journalists were restricted to the back of the room and hence I was around 25 meters from the stage – I couldn’t help but wonder what the image stabilization technologies of the future might be. Despite spectacularly long zoom lens images – maybe 3000 mm to 5000 mm – which were being demonstrated, the images on on the screen of the Wonder Camera were very stable. ~Mike Hanlon (Gizmag)