The internet has made the world a much smaller place. So small that a missing digicam lost at sea was found 6 months after and 1000 miles away. The journey at sea was partly documented by the accidental video that a sea turtle shot.

The good Samaritan who found it uploaded the photos unto a photo sharing site where the owner of the lost camera finally recognized the shots. The camera was finally returned to the owner via Fed Ex after email exchanges validating the claim.

Amazingly just the same, a Nikon post has made it’s way into this blog and it’s no secret that my loyalties lie with Canon equipment, ever since 1988.

Here’s an excerpt:

Uploaded by Aquahound on webshots.com

The odyssey: Camera survives ocean trip to Fla., by Annie Greenberg

MIAMI — Paul Shultz was walking along the pier of a Key West marina when he saw what looked like a rotting tomato pounding against the rocks.

The Coast Guard investigator waded ankle-deep into the water to fish out the ocean rubbish: a bright red Nikon camera, small enough to fit in the palm of his hand. Its waterproof plastic case was covered with six months’ worth of crusty sea growth, but the camera itself was almost pristine when he found it May 16.

However, clues to tracking down its owner were few. So Shultz decided to test his investigative skills.

Read the rest of the story in Associated Press, June 14, 2010. Photos from the camera on webshots.com. Video on YouTube.

The lesson here: if you go on vacation to anywhere near water put the cam in a waterproof housing and save the sea turtles. It takes much better videos than most of us with much better equipment.