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VWV Postcard Study - small

On September 9, 2010, YOCard will be exhibiting over 300+ artists visuals at the Shangri La Mall in Pasig. Opening night will be at the level 3 exhibit area in front of Figaro Cafe. The exhibit will run til September 12, 2010.

Three themes for this year:

  1. Outlooke Pointe Foundation: Artists supporting artists supporting the nation: a country built by artists is one built on truth and beauty. Liyab Pilipinas!
  2. One Tama: Pinoy Pride in Action:
    One Tama is a campaign that asks a very simple question: If all of us say we want a better country anyway, why don’t we try it out for one day?
  3. Ipagyabang na Ikaw ay Pilipino!
    Yabang Pinoy is a Filipino pride movement founded in 2005 by a group of Filipinos who realized that one of the gravest problems the Philippines is facing is the lack of national pride among the Filipino people. Yabang Pinoy believes that for real progress to begin in the Philippines, the solution is in national pride.

For more on the YOCard VWV II themes.


  1. Camera-VWVChoose your foundation beneficiary. Read their theme brief.
  2. Design, shoot, illustrate for the advocacy you selected
  3. Entries should be in CMYK, 300dpi and 6×4.25 inches in size
  4. Sign up as a Creative at http://www.oneline.ph
  5. Look for the Visuals with Vision badge and submit your work
  6. Add your personal details and description of your work
  7. Extended deadline of submission is August 7, 2010

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