It all began on this rainy night.

The camera, a Canon EOS 50D, was all set up on a tripod and suddenly thirst got the better of me. There would be nothing better than a cold drink while waiting for lightning to strike.

Instead of leaving the camera idle outside in the slight drizzle my fingers found the shutter button on the remote and set it to bulb. Now, getting that cold drink took about a minute or so. Upon returning to my shooting spot with drink in one hand, my other hand closed the shutter on the camera. Not really expecting to get anything a few 1 minute frames were captured thereafter.

Of the 40 plus frames only 3 had me smiling and 1 had me jabbing the air like my son had just received a new toy. The rest are history and stored in an external hard drive.

Original photo shot in RAW format, processed in DPP and further enhanced in Photoshop.