So, lots of rumors circulating around lately on new Canon toys. Excited about the new EOS 60D, big new white lenses, G12 or hopefully a new flash? Well, I am but it will drain the ATM of more juice and that is not so good. Actually I am more curious about the new announcement than actually buying once the new gear hits the market.

Some rumors suggest an announcement this week and some end of August. Not really sure what to think but it will definitely be a juicy month.

Just to stave off the hunger for more Canon juicy-ness, I whipped out a toy, not exactly new and not exactly playable and have never stuck it where it should or shouldn’t be. The full frame glory of the EOS 5D MK II + EF 24-105 IS USM f/4L reduced to a limited edition little puny flash drive. I don’t even want to test out the reliability to the thing on important shots and document.

Kudos to the workers on the factory floor, the details on the 5D 4gb drive are amazing. Needless to say, I shot a few frames of it and ain’t it cute…





The 5D II shot with the 7D using 2 speedlite setup triggered with the 7D’s remote. All RAW and converted with DPP. Yes, you must sharpen the final JPEG output-preferably in photoshop.