Yes, mega-pixels do matter. Yes, a good camera and lens investment all necessary. But sometimes just a camera phone is all ya need-even if the phone cost as much as a camera. The iPhone can be had under all sorts of new mobile plans but for those not needing a new number or being locked in for 2 to 3 years, forget it. Personally, I’d rather put the money on a new lens or 2 more Speedlites. Yes, you read right, in the Philippines (and I believe, for much of the world) the price for outright purchase for the iPhone can get you 1 Canon 580EX II and 1 Canon 430EX II plus change. the point here is, I followed a link to another link to another link to finally the original site that had The iPhone Fashion Shoot By Lee Morris. Amazing that a little jpeg camera phone can shoot a photo like that. Yes, the photo on the right is from the shoot and used without the explicit permission of Mr. Morris =)

Look closely though at the photos and it is all about the lighting. After all, photography is about the capture of light. Better yet, just play the video below to watch one of the funnest making of. Pay attention to the lighting set up if it’s your cup of tea.

Any camera phone should be able to do a shoot like that. Assuming, with the right lighting and enough skill to post process the photos. My 2 thumbs up to photographer Lee Morris on this project. The photos are absolutely beautiful and without the skill of Morris and company the iPhone is just that. Oh, I forgot to add, a stunningly beautiful model like Victoria Price just might help the photo diodes produce a more pleasing photograph.

Have a great Monday and thanks for reading.