So, what’s the fuss with the this HDR hoopla now taking over the purist definition of a photograph? It’s called High Dynamic Range and I’ve been tinkering with it since ’06 during my much adored time on flickr.

I do not condemn nor encourage the HDR practice but it sure does produce some kinda vibrant off spring of a photo as we know it (truthfully, I enjoy it). A flat photo can readily be given new life. Either shoot 3 auto bracketed exposures at +3, 0, -3 or 1 delicious RAW file.

From an outing with a friend around the Manila Bay area: That day was as gloomy as over cooked pasta noodles. But luckily, I always shoot RAW and here are the 3 photos straight out of the camera. RAW converted to jpeg and shot with Canon EOS 50D and EOS 40D. No post processing, nothing and that middle photo was captured through grimy glass windows with light reflection to boot.


Below are the final post processed photos from the RAW shots. I will get into more detail on a how to but for now the gist of it all: RAW-process to 3 differently exposed shots-convert to TIF 16 bit-processed with Photomatix-load into Photoshop to enhance some more and finally convert to tiny jpeg file for posting.