MacDy_SP_001Having not seen my aunt for almost 6 months she finally came to visit. She had brought along beautiful strawberries. Oh bless her! Instead of just eating them straight out of the box my dear wife slices them up, whips up a batter while mixing heavy cream and honey on another side of the kitchen counter.

I love pancakes anytime of the day. Best eaten with maple syrup when available. These strawberry pancakes didn’t need the syrup though. The heavy cream with honey did the trick. Tangy while sweet all sandwiched in between layers of warm pancakes. Oh, the delight of the first bite and the second…

It didn’t even occur to me to take a snap shot of this towering breakfast until my wife reminded me. Grabbed the EOS 7D with 85mm f/1.8 attached (ready for a shoot that afternoon) and popped off a few frames. Shot with available light and a Speedlite to camera right set to -2.

A macro lens would have been more appropriate and rather odd that 85mm was used but I just couldn’t wait to dig in (and I didn’t have a macro lens!). Better have a shot than nothing to commit our strawberry pancake adventure in pixels.