Typhoon Ondoy (international name: Ketsana) in September of 2009 was the most destructive in Philippine history. The flooding by rain water would not have been on such a catastrophic level if not for the careless release of 3 dams in the middle of the night. Below some of my photographs from 2009.

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Ondoy poured 16.7″ of rain in 12 hours and with overflowing water levels, dams in the surrounding areas of Metro Manila released the excess. Rivers and storm drains were grossly polluted from years of careless trash disposal and neglect. All that water had no where to go but flood cities and towns in it’s path.

During the initial days of flooding, basic goods were donated to groups of concerned citizens who brought them to the hardest hit areas of Cainta, Rizal, Marikina, and Antipolo. Majority of government rescue and relief efforts thwarted without proper readiness and equipment. Members of the police and military forces acted on their own accord to rescue citizen with some sacrificing their lives.

Many areas were without electricity, food and shelter for months after Ondoy. Let Typhoon Ondoy be a reminder to all Filipinos that years of neglect will eventually lead to consequences that will affect many. Ondoy should serve as a stark reminder of proper disposal of trash and the responsibility of a government for it’s citizens well being.