A little something that made my day.

My photo essay- Shen Ken Township, Taiwan: Tofu Capital was accepted and published in Travel+Leisure Southeast Asia blog.

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If you squint real hard my post is on the upper left hand corner.

Here’s an excerpt from the post- Nestled in the northern part of Taipei, Taiwan ROC, self proclaimed ‘The Tofu Capital’ is a rural township that was formerly known for it’s agriculture and mining industries. Now, it is very well known for it’s bean curd/tofu and the endless ways to cook them: regular, dried, braised, deep fried, spicy, BBQ, stir fried, with cheese, sweet drink, ice cream, etc. There is so much variety that it has become a must go to for bean curd lovers. Read on in T+L Southeast Asia.

And if you haven’t yet, the original post Tofu Capital: Sight & Smell here on MACphotographyDY.