Arrived at the location for a photo session to be welcomed by a sweet and buttery soft aroma. So inviting but picking one up was an absolute no-no. A client had them dressed according to her desires and they were waiting for pick up. Touching one of the sweeties now would entail being busted for harassment.

Still, shooting them would take a few being manhandled and posed. I asked the hostess if she could gingerly turn a few of them. Good thing she agreed to my request and the session went without a hitch. Then I wanted to push a bit further to photograph just one of them. But the sweeties wouldn’t have it, they were shy and needed to stay within the group.

Have an occasion that requires custom sweeties to your desires? Or just feel like having a dozen of these at your beck and call? Living in the Metro Manila area? You are in luck.

More details in the next post.