Do you live in the Philippines or plan to visit? Then read on… even if you don’t this will be a good read.

Above is Google maps showing the NAIA 3 (Cebu Pacific terminal)/RESORTS WORLD/MAXIMS HOTEL area. Be careful when driving along Andrews Avenue.

See that oblong/rectangular shaped street near the “I” marker (Air Force General Hospital)? That is the u turn slot to use if coming from the NAIA 3 direction to get to the Maxims/Marriott hotel compound. There are 2 u turn signs to guide the driver but 1 of those signs is placed near the first u turn slot (for cars coming from the opposite direction) that it would be mistaken for the actual u turn slot. The actual u turn slot is right on the corner of Andrews and Sales.

DO NOT MAKE A U TURN AT THE FIRST CORNER. There are motorcycle cops stationed on the other side to make a great catch. Instead of showing drivers where the correct u turn is they allow drivers to make the wrong turn. The other day I passed and personally witnessed 3 cars being pulled over for making that mistake. This was within the span of just passing the u turn slot and no, I wasn’t one of the victims.

I did think of stopping and shooting a photo but I was afraid they’d get me for reckless endangerment or something. They probably won’t correct the ‘honest’ mistake anytime soon as this catch is way too easy.

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