A must eat restaurant in Taipei. DTF is basically Taiwanese street stall/snack foods turned into gourmet-well, compared to street stalls that is. The food is clean, neatly served and prices dictate that. Don’t expect a fine dinning atmosphere as everything in this restaurant is fast paced.

Someone once said, there are other places in Hong Kong and Singapore that have better 小籠包 (Xiao Lung Pao) or steamed pork dumplings. They probably do but I have never tried another much like DTF’s version. This is a recipe that has been around since the 1980’s when DTF was just 1 restaurant (Xin Yi Branch) and dirty as can be. I loved it then and still love it now.

Ding Tai Fong now has branches in many major cities across Asia with a few in the US. Just google to get their locations.


Once you arrive at DTF go to the entrance and register. This is the only restaurant in Taipei that makes you wait for tables and is successful at driving diners back.


A comfortable meal here entails a group to early. You will not get a seat at the height of lunch or dinner without waiting.


This was shot at around 11am. DTF was already 2/3 full.


小籠包 (Xiao Lung Pao) or steamed pork dumplings are the stars. The dumpling skin is very light and be careful not to pop it open with chopsticks so the soup inside doesn't trickle out.


Braised beef noodle soup, classic filling comfort food and another must have. In the 15 years dinning at DTF their quality has always been consistent.


蝦仁燒賣(Xia Ren Sao Mai) or steamed shrimp dumplings are another must try.


If your group is real hungry order the egg fried rice and topped with fried porkchop.


The service is very good and efficient. This is also the only restaurant I know where the staff tells you that you have ordered enough. And when you finish your meal, they will bus out your table which means it's time to for you to go.


Incredible as it may seem, DTF being more popular than ever, now has a mascot in the guise of a large steamed dumpling with a souvenir shop next door.