Now that low-cost airfare are accessible to the most adventurous traveler it’s time to check on which countries allow non-visa entry for Philippine passport holders. All that is required is a round trip ticket back to the Philippines and enough dough to sustain that adventurous lifestyle. But don’t max out the free visa days. Getting caught over staying in another country is no rose garden.

  1. Brunei Darussalam: allows 14 days
  2. Cambodia: up to 21 days
  3. Fiji: up to 120 days-free visa issued upon arrival
  4. Galapagos islands: visa not required. Call consul for amount of days
  5. Hong Kong: allows 14 days
  6. Indonesia: up to 30 days
  7. Laos: up to 30 days
  8. Macau: up to 30 days
  9. Malaysia: up to 30 days
  10. Maldives: 30 days
  11. Mongolia: up to 21 days
  12. Singapore: up to 30 days and don’t bring cigarettes.
  13. South Korea: Philippine passport holders will not be charged a fee for tourist visa but will still need to apply for one.
  14. Sri-Lanka: up to 30 days
  15. Taiwan: allows non-visa entry with the exception that passport holder has a valid US, Canada, UK, Schengen, Australia, New Zealand and Japan visa. Passport holder will need to register before entry. Here’s a link for more info.
  16. Thailand: up to 30 days
  17. Vietnam: up to 21 days

Here’s a list from Wikipedia